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Canadian French to English Translation Services

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French is loved as a language the world over. It’s attracted a classy, elegant, and romantic reputation, partly due to the prestige of France and partly due to the Latinate vocabulary of English carrying a higher degree of elegance than the more basic Germanic words. It’s no wonder so many people are eager to learn the language. But, no matter what, there will always be more speakers of English, which is touted as the “global language.” So, translating your documents from French to English is the best way to attract a wider audience.

French is not the same everywhere in the world. The French spoken in Canada, for example, differs significantly from the Standard French spoken in France, although the two variants share a high degree of mutual intelligibility. While Canadian French is pronounced with a distinctly different accent from Standard French, the vocabulary and even grammar can also differ substantially, which makes it necessary to hire specific Canadian French to English translators for the most reliable translation services. If you’re looking for high-quality translation services for Canadian French to English—regardless of the nature of your content—we at have the right translation team for you.

If you reach out and request a free quote for our Canadian French to English translation services, we’d be happy to oblige.

We can translate all kinds of content from Canadian French.

In our quest to create the most flexible Canadian French translation services possible, we’ve hired Canadian French translators who represent a wide range of different disciplines, fields, and translation domains. This means we can serve academics, businesspeople, content creators, and all sorts of other clients who might need translation services from Canadian French to English. For example, if you’re a professor, student, or researcher at l’Université de Montréal who wants to publish your research findings in an English-language journal, our Canadian French translators can help. It doesn’t even matter what field you work in, because we hire academic translators across all sorts of disciplines.

For companies in Quebec and New Brunswick, our Canadian French translators have all the necessary expertise and skills to help you cater to Anglophone Canadians and the wider world. Whether you need your internal documents—such as business plans, financial reports, or HR manuals—translated from Canadian French to English or you’re looking for translation services from Canadian French for marketing content like web copy, press releases, or commercial scripts, you can count on us.

Calling all creatives in Quebec and New Brunswick: if you want to make your novel, poem, film, TV show, online video, or game accessible to people all across Canada and the world, our literary translation and localization teams are here to help. No matter the genre and subject matter of your creative content, we can take your original creation in Canadian French and transform it into engaging and natural-sounding English to impress a wider audience.

Our Canadian French translators are the best in the industry.

Do you place a high value on quality in your Canadian French to English translations? So do we. That’s why we carefully vet every translation candidate who wishes to join our Canadian French translation team. Our translation assessments are difficult to pass—only the best Canadian French translators from across Quebec and New Brunswick can do so. Our translators are also experts in various fields, which means that no content—even highly technical, esoteric material—is off limits for our top-class Canadian French translation team.

Why not reach out today so we can get started with your Canadian French translation project?

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